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Thermal Imaging

JDC Thomson carries out thermal imaging of a range of electrical-related items for the early detection of potential faults and failure. Our Thermographers are fully-trained, AINDT-certified, and we utilise Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) Thermal Imaging cameras. Thermal Imaging technology can also be used to track any heat-related quantity, including fluid levels, cool room seal monitoring, steam pipe integrity, and more. 
Visit our website for Thermal Imaging NSW for further details.

The Thermal imaging process literally involves taking a ‘heat photograph’ of an object. This involves one of our formally-trained technicians visiting a site and scanning equipment with a thermal imaging camera.

Thermal imaging has a thermal sensitivity of 0.1ºC, and will show if any components, such as electrical switches or connections, are running at elevated temperatures. Early detection of suspect components may prevent failure which could result in major plant shutdowns or even electrical fire. For this reason, insurance companies often recommend thermal surveys be conducted on an annual basis.

Additionally, thermal imaging can check mechanical equipment to see if it is running too hot (bearings, for example) and it can detect cold air loss in refrigeration systems due to faulty door seals.

How Does it Help my Business?

Thermal Imaging can:
  • Identify potential safety and fire risks
  • Reduce downtime, repair cost and associated lost production by  prediction of electrical equipment failures
  • Pinpoint exact location of faults
  • Surveys can be carried out while your plant is still running
  • May reduce insurance premiums